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Plásticos y Metales de Coahuila, S.A. de C.V. work products and engineered materials, adapted to the requirements of our clients, using plastics nowadays diverse as acetal, polypropylene with glass fiber fillers, talc loads polypropylenes, nylons, among others, whose duties are to resist impact, friction, lubrication, heat resistance, etc.


Our market covers companies that manage the bouquet of the white line, metalworking, automotive, toy and any branch to request our products and services.

Our Company

Founded in 1970, Plásticos y Metales de Coahuila has had continued growth along with the market needs and expectations..

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Our Equipment

We have modern equipment and plastic injection machines, with different scales and sizes to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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Our Products

In our company, we develop products with materials and quality processes, using Plastic Injection and Bakelite.

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Our Clients